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IL-2 Great Battles Series – Aktualizace 4.603

A je to tady. Aktualizace 4.603. Nač čekat, že. Já už stahuji.

Main changes

  1. Collector Vehicle 20 mm Flak 38 anti-aircraft gun on Sd.Kfz 10/5 half-track is now available;
  2. Pfalz D.XII is now available to all customers who pre-ordered Flying Circus Vol.II;
  3. The early version of the Spad VII.C1 fighter with a 150-horsepower engine is now available to all customers who pre-ordered Flying Circus Vol. II;
  4. The Airco DH4I two-seater single-engine bomber is now available to all customers who pre-ordered Flying Circus Vol. II;
  5. New historical scenario campaign “Steel birds” is now available;
  6. All Flying Circus Vol.I and Vol.II airplanes cockpits detail improved (Oyster_KAI);
  7. Hs-129 B-2 attack aircraft now has 4K quality external texturing (Martin ‚ICDP‘ Catney);

Aircraft changes

  1. Fixed invisibility of paratroopers on Ju-52 and C-47 in a multiplayer game;
  2. Removed the ability to select a pistol and fire it when the cockpit is closed (it is automatically holstered);
  3. Fixed overload indicator for ‘guest’ gunners (other players) in multi-crew airplanes in multiplayer;
  4. Adjusted the maximum wing lift of the Hawker Typhoon Mk.Ib. The flight model of the aircraft was reconfigured in such a way that most of the flight characteristics of the aircraft (speed, rate of climb, control stick balancing positions, roll angular velocities) practically did not change;
  5. The indicator in the bombsight showing the impossibility of dropping bombs from the current position has been fixed;
  6. AI pilots won’t shake their aircraft along the pitch axis when attacking a ground target with cannons that have a mix of different types of ammo;
  7. AI pilots won’t ignore a heavily damaged but not destroyed ground target;
  8. The angle of a shallow bombing dive for Pe-2, Il-2, Fw-190, Ju-87, Ju-88, Bf-110, Hs-129 aircraft has been increased to 30°;
  9. Bomb release sound has been added to all Flying Circus aircraft;

Player controllable tanks changes

  1. „Turn off the engine“ command works as it should and has voiceover;
  2. Fixed an infinite rotation of AI-controlled detailed tanks after giving them a turn and stop order;
  3. Fixed „turn shaking“ of AI-controlled detailed tanks that sometimes happened after stopping;
  4. Fixed „looping“ of AI-controlled detailed tanks hat sometimes happened after „Turn by 180°“ order;
  5. Movement to a point and movement according to the mission scenario commands correctly function after issuing commands „Stop and hold position“ and „Turn and stop“;
  6. The camera won’t be randomly stuck in external view after the death of one of the crew members and it won’t be possible to switch to a killed crew member;
  7. The gunner now uses a manual turret traverse drive and its different gears if available depending on the aiming correction required (small adjustments are made using the manual drive);
  8. Killed gunners won’t visibly „turn“ after death;
  9. Detailed tanks won’t „bounce“ when collided with static versions of vehicles (static_ …);

Graphic effects

  1. Ship wake trails and splashes effects are improved significantly;
  2. New ship explosion and sinking effects added;
  3. Improved ship fire effects added;
  4. New aircraft fuel tank explosion effect created;
  5. Bomb ground detonations, railroad and road fuel transport explosions are improved and optimized;

Pilot’s Career

  1. New bombing mission types added for all fighter/bombers in all careers (8 types in total): artillery position, fortified area, troop concentration, airfield, river crossing, railway junction, warehouse, bridge;
  2. The mission logic in all ground attack and bomber missions has been improved: the player’s flight planes returning home with unused bombs and missiles should happen much less often;
  3. The player’s fighter/bomber flight in all ground attack and bomber missions should have an escort depending on the type of the player’s aircraft and the time period;

Other changes

  1. The deletion of train cars by the MCU: Delete mission command fixed (previously it only deleted the locomotive, leaving the cars);
  2. Fixed a problem with the part of the game interface missing in the screenshots;
  3. A default tactical code can be set in the spawn point settings in the mission editor;
  4. The discrepancy between the ship movement effects for different players in multiplayer has been fixed;
  5. Corrected ballistics and penetration ability of German 20mm rounds used in anti-aircraft guns;
  6. Thorny 13 pdr AA anti-aircraft gun firing sound restored;
  7. Fixed the “Engageable” flag for GAZ-MM 72K anti-aircraft gun in mission editor (previously AI pilots attacked the vehicle even with it set to 0).

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