Dvě další letadla do připravovaného Bodenplatte ještě nejsou kompletně hotová, ale team IL-2 GREAT BATTLES SERIES se rozhodl nečekat a zveřejnil novou verzi 3.006. Ta obsahuje mnoho změn, oprav a vylepšení, na které se už delší dobu čeká.
Velké množství grafických efektů bylo kompletně přepracováno a přidány jsou i zcela nové efekty. Další opravy patří především režimu Kariéra, multiplayer, AI a byl vylepšen i systém kolize. K dispozici máme také nové modifikace pro Fw 190 A-8. Následuje celý seznam změn (v angličtině):

Graphical effects improvements

1. Fire effects improved for aircraft and ground vehicles, more dynamic and detailed;
2. Fuel leak effects improved (less noticeable, but more realistic);
3. Damaged engine exhaust effects improved (less noticeable, but more realistic);
4. Tracer smoke effects improved (more smooth and realistic);
5. Wingtip trails effects improved (more dynamic, less apparent beginning);
6. Water hit effects improved (more realistic);
7. Aircraft and vehicle hit effects improved (more difference between AP and HE ammo, more realistic, added debris);
8. Bomb detonation effects improved for 250kg + bombs, additional flash effect;
9. Water steam effects added for twin water radiator aircraft (Bf-109, Ju-87, Spitfire Mk.IXe, Pe-2);
10. Water steam overheating effects added;
11. Wrong mixture exhaust effects added;
12. Wood hit effects added for WWI aircraft;
13. Gunfire smoke effects added;
14. Oil leak during flight effect adjusted;
15. Fuel leak effect on the ground added;
16. Water steam effect on the ground added;

Simulation fixes and graphical effects fixes

17. The water hit effects no longer appear like ground hit effects;
18. Bug fix: He-111, Bf-110 and Pe-2 right engine hits won’t damage the left engine cooling system anymore;
19. Bug fix: Spitfire Mk.VB/IXe fuel leak will stop when the left wing is lost;
20. Bug fix: Ju-88 A4 right supercharger hits will correctly damage it;
21. Bug fix: engine fire now correctly works on all planes;
22. Bug fix: damage of the engines far from the cockpit (and the oil leak on Spitfires) won’t make the cockpit windows dirty;

Other improvements

23. You can set the starting altitude up to 10km in QMB;
24. Projectiles now can be stopped by trees;
25. Fw 190 A-8 modification: removal of two 13mm MG 131. This allows to model the bomber variant of the plane; some Sturmjager modification aircraft also had them removed;
26. Fw 190 A-8 modification: F-8 with a 1000kg bomb with reduced stabilizer;
27. Flying Circus German and Entente pilots are now animated;
28. German WWI pilot now has a parachute;
29. 30 mm and higher caliber guns can overheat (they couldn’t before);
30. All guns fire dispersion differ while firing single shots and in bursts;
31. Burst fire dispersion corrected for Soviet fuselage mounted guns;
32. Burst fire dispersion corrected for German wing mounted guns;
33. While driving, AI now takes into consideration all nearby vehicles instead of the vehicles of its group only;
34. AI has learned how to control the advanced (player controllable) tanks, they can be used in missions;
35. The water in all water cooled engines boils at different temperatures depending on the altitude;
36. Fuel actually burns out in an event of a fuel tank fire;
37. Fuel tank fire intenisity decreases when all fuel is burned out;
38. Fire intensity directly affects the speed of structural damage;
39. Fuel fires are extinguished when an aircraft hits a water surface;
40. Mission generator toolset released (you can download it here and unpack into your IL-2 install if you want to try it);

Other fixes

41. Simple vehicles (not controllable by player) physics modeling improved. They shouldn’t ‚fly‘ away from collisions as they sometimes did before anymore;
42. German aircraft of Bodenplatte timeframe carry bombs of a different color that was used in the late war;
43. German aircraft of Bodenplatte timeframe carry SD 70 fragmentation bombs instead of SC 50 which production was canceled in 1943;
44. Aircraft loadout tooltips adjusted;
45. Career: the game won’t freeze when creating a character in certain squadrons at a certain time;
46. Career won’t freeze in May 1943;
47. Career won’t show incorrect days at the end of February;
48. Player wingmen won’t be captured by the enemy if the player finishes a Career mode mission above the enemy territory;
49. The player marker shows the character name in Career mode;
50. A rare crash in multiplayer has been fixed (it could happen when Pe-2 series 35 lost its wing).
51. The game server and clients won’t crash when a player controlled tank impacts the ground, for instance, after falling from a damaged bridge;
52. Multiplayer net packets won’t slowly increase in size over time;
53. Multiplayer net packets now have their CRC checked, this should improve the data transfer stability;
54. Net load decreased by optimizing the data packets carrying graphical effects data;
55. Statistics system accuracy increased (this should fix the situations with unaccounted kills);
56. Minimum starting altitude in QMB on Novosokolniki map has been increased to 250m;
57. Sharp texture changes were corrected on the Stalingrad map near Golubinsky;
58. The pilot won’t be injured by the wing fuel tanks fire on Bf 110 E2, Bf 110 G2, P-39L-1 and Yak-7B series 36;
59. A rare crash has been fixed (it could happen when Pe-2 series 35 detonated after hitting the ground).
60. Bomb doors handle on He 111 planes is now animated;
61. Broken window in the lower cockpit fixed on He 111;
62. Fw 190 A-8 right WGr.21 launcher arming lamp now works;
63. On Fw 190 A-8 with F-8/G-8 mod the 20mm guns stay on the same fire trigger with MGs;
64. Radiator assist on MiG-3 and IL-2 won’t overcool the engine at high altitudes;
65. Pe-2 series 35 upper turret correctly shows ammo left in HUD;
66. Yak-7B altitude mixture controller corrected;
67. Coolant overheat warning in technochat corrected;
68. Damage system performance optimization should decrease the CPU load;
69. Radiator assist closes or opens radiators in a more smart way;
70. Fokker Dr.I and SPAD 13.C1 durability are back to RoF values.

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